Us & Them


See this man here with his sleeves rolled up and his tie tucked into his shirt? He’s got his sleeves rolled up and his tie tucked into his shirt because he’s the kinda guy who rolls his sleeves up and gets stuck in, the kinda guy who may wear a tie but doesn’t stand on ceremony, not when he’s meeting nurses and doctors and people who do real jobs, people who have real lives and real problems.

This man with his sleeves rolled up was Christened Gideon Oliver Osborne and he’s the son of Sir Peter Osborne, 17th Baronet Osborne and Felicity Alexandra Loxton-Peacock.
Like many of his class, Gideon was privately educated at top notch public schools and then went up to Oxford before being given a shoe in job at The Telegraph, then a shoe in job with the Tory party’s propaganda unit, then a shoe safe Tory seat in Tatton, then a shoe in ministerial job with his old Bullingdon Club toff pal, David Cameron.

That’s not to say Gideon hasn’t got talents and his entire non-career has been thanks to the archaic culture of deference and aristo worship that promotes its own and cosigns millions of talented kids to a zero hour, poverty pay welfare wasteland.

No, Gid is a magician who has conjured £2 billion out of thin air to invest in the NHS, the same NHS he and his Tory cronies have been running down and selling off piece by piece to their city mates for the past 30 years. Size of an elephant! Izzy wizzy let’s get busy! Alacazam! Just like that!

This is 2 billion that didn’t exist a few days ago but y’know, there’s a general election coming up and the Tories need to neutralise that boring old Labour charge that they don’t care about the NHS because they’re too rich to use it. Well, some people will fall for it, but then again some people will always fall for it and then again, some people will count on a Labour victory to save them from these evil parasites and these people will be sold down the river again by Labour politicians who have also largely been promoted and pampered in their own Party elites.

Blair and Brown rolled up their sleeves too when they wanted to show the media that they were in touch with normal people, that they too were the kinda guys you can trust to get a job done. Ed Miliband has rolled up his sleeves as well. He buys into the sleeves rolled up symbolisim of career politicians as honest brokers of change for ‘ordinary people.’

I’ve got an appointment for a routine scan at a hospital 10 miles away from my home tonight, when the local one is just up the road. Ah but the local hozzy is now for day patients only and the NHS Trust has targets to hit, so savings have to be made and fuck you if you’re half dead in an ambo with a heart attack cos A&E is half an hour away if you’re lucky.

The myth that ‘we’ can’t afford the NHS is the same myth that the Tories use when they want to cut benefits, cut pay rises, cut pensions, cut social services, cut education spending, cut the things they don’t use and can do without. But threaten to cut the obscene tax breaks to public schools or ban fox hunting or farming subsidies and then all of a sudden, those small government fanatics come crawling out from under their rural rocks and begin shaking their fists at the temerity of ‘class envy UK.’

It’s still ‘US’ and ‘THEM’ it always has been and it always will be.

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