Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Cunt (re-visited)


The Snowden affair has opened up a right can of espionage worms, the like we’ve not witnessed since er, Bradley Manning or Julian Assange, two men now facing life in prison and life long exile. The ‘whistleblower’ is encouraged by governments who like to pay lip service to democratic ideals such as ‘transparency’ and ‘freedom of information’ but not TOO much transparency and only information that will not lead to THEIR crimes.

Did it really surprise people that GCHQ is amassing millions of email and phone call transcripts? Ofcourse they are, legally or illegally, there is no law within the secret services. They are licenced to kill, remember. That old James Bond stereotype has been found to be the masturbatory wet dream of silly, timid toffs who, in reality, sit behind computers all day listening in to the private conversations of their fellow ‘citizens.’

As the internet was first envisaged as an ‘information superhighway’ so governments of all stamps now genuinely fear the power of the web to inform the public of what is really going on behind the scenes and where the blame really lies. The propaganda machine has always relied on a compliant media to communicate its narrative. From Pravda to the BBC, each state propagandist spews selective news stories and hides the truth about establishment corruption, political double-dealing, incestuous financial bribery, police brutality, military outrages and social ethnic cleansing.

Look at the TV schedules, read the papers from page to page. Despite Leveson, the British newspaper industry still dictates the news agenda. Each morning on tv and radio shows, lazy producers pick up copies and invite guests to read out stories from these papers. This then become the tv news agenda and therefore the political agenda, but this entire cyclical farce is self-perpetuating and selective.

600-1000 people die in Indian floods. Twenty seconds on News At Ten. Royal person goes to hospital. Clear the schedules! The media would argue that they’re ‘only reflecting public opinion’ but how do they guage this? There is no ‘public opinion’ only their interpretation of it, guided by their own personal prejudices. They create a news agenda for themselves and their own interests. To get a true news balance we have to watch Russia Today or Al Jazeera or increasingly turn to the internet.

This is what frightens the spooks, those faceless criminals who decide what is and isn’t in the ‘national interest’ the ones who spy on trade unionists and peace campaigners, eco protestors and animal rights activists as well as the IRA and Al Queda. These people, even when found out, simply play the terrorism card and get their pals in the press to wheel out that old Orwellian chestnut “If you are doing nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear.”

The British are already the most scrutinised people on earth. Cameras follow us on busses, in taxis, on trains, on roads, streets, in restaurants, libraries, pubs, shops, airports, motorways, service stations. This oppressive regime is justified ‘for our own safety’ yet tyranny doesn’t install itself in one single coup but by countless incremental and seemingly trivial raids on our freedoms. We have accepted a culture of surveillance and snooping, we understand that some people in mundane office buildings read through Facebook comments and emails to friends because, who knows, we could be plotting some diabolical act of terror or simply questioning the motives of those who spy on us for the benefit of the wealthy.

The British establishment has 1000 years worth of profits that need protecting and they will stop at nothing to keep that wealth within their grasp. They manipulate and choreograph every single news agenda item and then demonise anyone who questions their narrative as ‘conspiracy cranks’ or unpatriotic fanatics. You want proof of this? Watch the news tonight on any channel and compare the way they report on say Syria and then watch RT. Is RT only a Kremlin propagandist? Maybe, but the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky do No 10’s bidding.

From the Arab spring to current resistance in Turkey and Brazil, the internet breaches the power of governments and the wealthy cartels that fund them to tell a simple ‘good v evil’ narrative. The James Bond 007 fantasy was always camp and silly. Real spies end up dead in sport bags in Pimlico flats or die of poisoning after polonium pasta. Nothing to see here, another dead oligarch, go home to your beds and sleep easy cos Spooks is on at 9 o’clock and we’re keeping you safe from Islamist plotters and Commie nutters.

The spooks at GCHQ and the Pentagon throw shit at the Chinese and Russians hoping to keep the west scared enough to accept their narrative. yet, their power to bully and bribe their way out of scrutiny diminishes with every year, with every riot or protest in former vassal states. The people can see and smell hypocrisy and no amount of G8 flannel can camouflage the fact that the rich stay rich and the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich.